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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2022-03-16

As my own subconscious mind is constantly attracting which I am seeking it has also picked up on the vibrations of those in my own life. Those who may of come into my own life too. Here is how this has appeared in my own life.
When was looking for a relationship with a woman. There was a number who in the end all they sought was sexual contact. I had picked up on the energy and gave them what they sought. For years my own belief was that sex meant the person loved You in that way. I had picked up on their willingness to have a sexual encounter with another without any relationship at all. Their subconscious mind had shown what they were after from others.
Later I confronted one of them saying it was only about the sex to them rather than a relationship and they were like yes that’s right. The other in the end the relationship broke down as we sought different values. In the end it would be sexual contact nothing more, a message saying do You want to hook up. The warning signs of both these relationships begin wrong were being transmitted by the person’s own unconscious mind.
The same works for us if it’s time start looking for a updated car, when we are serious we get shown all the car yards that can go to looking for the car we seek. It’s drawn to myself when I am serious about the goal. I was serious when said to myself that the next woman who dated would be my wife for life. I said that over and over to myself in my own mind for 3 months until I met Jenny. From there the rest is history.
When we see a vision unconsciously and repeat with belief using the positive emotions it attracts to us, health, hobbies, relationships, love, travel.
Thank you so much to the wonderful friends from mentoring for free for helping to learn to draw my goals in life to myself. Thanks to Ken Klemm my wonderful loving mentor for Life. Thank you to my amazing wife Jenny for your love.
Your friend and mentor for Life,
Big hugs my friends
Ben drake
West ryde nsw Australia
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