Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2022-03-09

I decided to follow what Tuula has done in the past and go back to a previous lesson on this subject to see how much I had grown. The lesson that I am posting was from December  of 2016, the year that I started with Mentoring For Free. And believe me, I have grown. I didn't have a clue what this was all about at the time. Yes I had a general idea but I was still missing the whole concept and that is simply switched to something that is so powerful and has been a big part of your life, all of your life to something of a different nature. Using the emotion and creativity to propet you to success in another area of your life. This is the first time that I have gone back and it's a little eye opening. I did have an aha moment in doing so and that is if I had left in two to three weeks as many do that do not know the importance of personal development then I would have never had a point to measure my growth and the other scary part is that I would have never had any growth. I hear the word repitition and the importance of doing something over and over until it clicks and its not just self talk. Proctor hammers that word repitition more than anything else in his whole curriculum and I have become a beliver. So here it is ...from 12/2016


All key leaders are highly sexed and that is a good thing if used in the right way. If used in the right way it is an asset. Used in the wrong way it would be considered intemperance in the same way that alcohol would be. The wrong way could lead to many bad situations like adultery, perversions of many kinds, etc. but harnessed and channeled the right direction it can be a key factor in a persons successful career.


It is one of the most powerful stimuli for stepping up the vibrations of the mind, number one on the list actually. I like the way that it is compared to a river and that river can only be dammed up for so long without finding an outlet. If that outlet is overindulgence in sexual habits it can lead to some bad results. If channeled into creative thought it can be used to rise to the level of a genius.


Most successful musicians and artists seem to have mastered this to some extent and seem to be exceptionally creative and talented although it also seems like some of those sexual preferences still remain in their personal lives and somewhat still uncontrolled which leads me to wonder if it can be completely controlled in such a highly sexed individual. Seems to me that politicians would be included in the mix. I think that when you have power and sex mixed it takes extra discipline to keep that mixture in control.


Anyway thanks for entertaining my random thoughts on this subject and I am so thankful for my fellow mastermind to bounce these ideas off and pick up such valuable insight from their observations. 


As always I’m so ever grateful for finding this group and for Michael and Linda giving back so unselfishly.


Rick Burnett