Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2022-02-23



Winners never quit, and quitters never win.


We all have tough times and face adverse conditions.  Look at today.


You will not achieve anything that is major and life changing if you do not have persistence.  If you are not persistent probably stems back to not having strong desire. 


Most of the folks who have been on the calls with me for a while now, know I like to use Sports Analogies.


Well here is another one.  A number of you know that I do Triathlons.  They keep me in shape, feeling good, and I enjoy a challenge.  If not I do not feel like I am living. 


Triathlons are an individual Sport. Your time and where you finish depends on a few things. 


The first is the weather conditions. It may be hot, cold, windy, or the course may be damp.  Each athlete participating has no control over this.  The conditions are the same for everyone.


Next is Equipment.  Having a fast bike has some difference, but not everything.


Next is training. If you want to perform well you need to train.  The longer the event the more important training is.  If you do not follow an organized regiment you will not perform well.  Not to mention you probably will not enjoy the event either.  You may cross the line in the allocated time, but may be miserable!  I know from experience. 


Training for these events goes back to persistence.  Need to train consistently during a week.  A person’s life will probably have other commitments: God, Family, Work, Chores, etc.  Regardless one needs to organize training into the schedule.  There are days I simply do not feel like training. Well suck it up buttercup.  Things are not based on convenience or how we feel.  Persistence is key!


Lastly your athletic ability could have some impact on where you finish. That is okay, because I am competing against myself, vs. the rest of the field.   I am not participating in these as a profession, so not going to worry about it.


  If you participate in them long enough you will have setbacks and times when things do not goes, as you would hope for.  In other words you will have failures.   


I hoped to have become an Ironman by now.  Have had variables such as COVID, Injuries, and other commitments that have come up.  Cannot control this, I just need to be persistent.


Things are no different in business.  Along with being called ignorant, Henry Ford was called ruthless and cold hearted.  According to Hill this was a huge Misconception of Ford’s habit following through all his plans with persistence. 


Network Marketing is no different. The entire pace setters of the five pillar companies are pace setters because they had a strong desire, which kept them persistent in their habits.  They had their bad days and failures, but their strong desire kept them going.  Each of our companies provides the same resources, compensation plans, and support network to their distributors.   The majority will slow down and some will quit at the first bump in the road.  A, few, however, like Michael Dloughy will keep trucking!   We can do the same. 


Another thing to remember is Michael has been at a high level before, actually twice.  He could have stopped either time and most would have understood.  He, however, got up dusted him self of, and drove on.  Michael had persistence and he still does. 


Thank the Good Lord he did, because Mentoring for Free would probably not be here.


We are blessed to have Mentoring for Free. The fellowship of great mentors and likeminded individuals who are on the road to bigger and better things!


Thank you Michael And Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates and enhances my life on these calls.


Galatians Chapter six verse numbers nine.


“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”



Michael Simon