Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2022-02-05

Organized Planning - Until one organizes his dreams and puts then down paper, it is still a dream.
They willl remain a dream until we decide to use our creative imagination and develop some type
of Organized Plan.  

My father was born in 1906, never received any formal education. What he taught me has help
guide me through my life. 

What my father taught me when I was young:

       Make your request resonable -

       Don’t pile on the reasons -

       Tell yourself you are worth it -

       Write down the basis for your request before you make it -

       Take the other person needs into account -

        Be Nice -

        Be Honest - 

        Give the other person a way out without damaging the relationship -

        Don’t pout or sulk if you don’t get your way -

This chapter on Organized Planning is the longest and could be the most important chapter in the book.
I have found the material in this chapter to be compatible, although in much greater detail than my father's advise.

Thanks Michael and Linda Dlouhy for MFF and the weely calls. Thanks to all those who participate weekly.

George Freelen

Hondo, Texas