Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2022-01-26



We all have heard, “Knowledge is Power.”


Well, knowledge is power and necessary to achieve, problem solve and make things happen.  True, but what type of knowledge? 


According to Hill knowledge is only potential power.  It becomes power if it is organized into defined plans of action with a planned endgame.


There are two types of knowledge: General Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge. 


Hill discusses how General Knowledge has little use towards the accumulation of money.  Every University has faculties that posses every form of General Knowledge and a whole lot of it.  I went to a small private Liberal Arts College, which has plenty of prestige and reputation in the Upper Midwest.  I was a Double Major in Business and History.  Majored in Business as I planned to from the beginning and kept taking History Courses because I enjoyed them. 


The idea behind Liberal Arts is a person gets well rounded with more general knowledge than a specialized degree or technical certification and this is supposed to pay of in the long run.  That was the bill of goods that they sold to parents and unfortunately gullible individuals like myself at the time.  I now refer to Liberal Arts as the Liberal Farce! 


Had a good time as an athlete, going abroad, drinking beer, and getting into plenty of mischief.   That was pretty much it. 


The only skill I remember learning is how to write critically on subjects, why I reached the conclusion and getting my point across. 


Along with not wanting to sit behind a desk all day, this is why I went into Corporate Sales.


At least now the younger generations along with their parents are waking up and realizing trade school can be a much better option for many. 


My advice to young adults is go to a trade school if you have an aptitude and interest.  You will have a greater chance of starting with a higher wage and a lot less debt upon your program completion.  If you do not know what you want to do, go to a community college in order to finish you electives and find your interest. 


If not look at joining the service.  Only go to University if you get an academic or athletic scholarship and have an idea of what you want to do. 




Along with the Edwin Barnes I love Hill’s example of Henry Ford.


Many people considered Ford to be ignorant because he did not have much General Knowledge.


He did not need it.  He had a large network of people that he could reach out to when he needed a specific answer or task completed.   Most importantly Ford knew how to delegate his tasks.


Back to Hill’s point is knowledge is power if it is organized into a plan and endgame.  Ford was able to do this.


This is a must have for any successful leader.  Good Military Leaders do not know everything that is required to complete a successful military campaign. It is not just weapons and infantry skills that are necessary to be successful. There is supply, communications, and ordinance, even Civil Engineering.  The General like Ford delegates authority and knows who to go to when they something is needed.    The Afghanistan with drawl last year was not an example of good leadership and knowledge.


Still disgusted and will never forget or even forgive what happened!


The same principles apply with Network Marketing.  Knowing a something about everything is not going to help you recruit a large number of qualified associates or customers.  

Knowing the specific product or services, making a presentation, and having good people skills is what brings someone on stage. Knowing how to get your leaders trained so they can grow their businesses when you are not present.  In other words duplication!


Network Marketing is a simple and logical concept, but it is not easy.  We are dealing with people from different backgrounds with unique situations is the primary reason, in my book anyway.  We all have frustrating times including business associates who are at a higher pin with a big monthly check.


Personal Development is what we all need. We need to continue to read, listen, and associate with positive people.


Mentoring for Free is a blessing to have. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy.  Thank you Rick. Thank you to everyone on these calls.


James Chapter three verses number thirteen.  Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.


Michael Simon