Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-12-29



We are on the verge on the beginning of a New Year.   This past year was fine, I had some successes in some of my goals and endeavors.  I, as well came up short on a few others. One was my business.  Could place some blame on something or someone else?   Decided NO.


Yes this past year still had some challenges thanks to the continued fear factor headed by what I consider the opposition to my beliefs along with others on this call. It was tough, but so is life.  No matter how good we are and how great the endeavor is, we will have some adverse conditions and tough moments. We can be paralyzed or move forward. What happens comes down to our thoughts!


Edwin Barnes will forever be a great example and inspiration for me. He admired Edison and was determined to go into business with him.  So he jumped a freight train headed for his office in New Jersey.  He had a less than impressionable appearance and essentially no money to his name.  He, however, went anyway.  He ended up getting a menial wage job, which he did for quite a while before it paid off. Along with being a business partner, he became a wealthy man.  This all started with a thought, which turned into the physical.


I can look at this past year as a disaster, for this Country anyway.  We have what I consider and installed leadership, not the real winner and definitely not the will of the silent majority.  Things have been turned upside down.  I am confident some if not the most or everyone on this call would agree with me, so enough said.   Can look at this as a roadblock or opportunity.  Many are still employed and or working their endeavors and bringing in an income.   The challenge for many if not the majority is how far this income goes towards their outgoing living expenses and actually having a life.  It probably does not.


What does this mean? Well, many may decide that they need more income through another career or side hustle.   It is an opportunity for all of us to be out there providing them with hope. 


.  It is our role to present and their decision on what to do. Some will, some will not and so what.  If we do enough we will find the right ones.  We as well can get some good customers who down the road could become and associate in our respective businesses. 


This all starts with thought and belief in ourselves.  I have been my own worst enemy for years and multiple endeavors in my life. I am sure that many others. 


Therefore I declare that I will move forward more than ever in the coming year.  I think, therefore I can do.  Just like Barnes this all started with a thought. 


Personal Development and limited negativity to the mind will contribute towards positive thought and ultimately success. As Michael Says, stay away from the news.  Secondly read and listen to enhancing material and programs. Lastly associate with positive people as much as possible.


Mentoring for Free is perfect place. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick, for reaching out, supporting, and being a good friend.  Thank you to everyone who contributes on these calls.  It is out there for all of us, lets go get it.


The Book of Proverbs, chapter twelve verses number twenty-five, “Anxiety weighs down the heart of a man, but a good word cheers it up.”


Michael Simon