Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Daniel Clark Bronx, New York, United States

Posted: 2016-04-06

In this chapter on IMAGINATION, I was intrigued by the story of the young preacher who wanted to obtain a million dollars to invest into his brilliant new endeavor and who knew about the principles that were required.  At the same time, like many in his position, he wondered just how he was going to acquire the funds that he needed.

I can relate to this scenario very much so; about four years ago, I was trying to start a business in my neighborhood.  I had just seen the movie “Tron: Legacy”, which was a sequel to the 1982 movie, “Tron”, about a video game designer played by Jeff Bridges, who owns his own video arcade where many people come on a regular basis.  So I decided that maybe opening one in my neighborhood would be a fun endeavor.  Having gone to arcades since childhood, they have been some of the most exciting social settings I have ever been to... but could it work well at this point in time?  Well, it just so happened that in celebration of the sequel’s release the year that the film came out, Disneyland (the Tron films are Disney productions) added a fully functioning replica of the arcade that Jeff Bridges’s character owned to its theme park.  Sure enough, I found lots of videos on YouTube of people visiting this arcade and really enjoying themselves, which told me that there may be a possibility that the video arcade business model may be something that would go over well after all.

Everyone I spoke to about my idea, from residents of the neighborhood to business people, all thought that it would be a great idea, and one that the neighborhood (and maybe people from nearby towns) could benefit greatly from.  I even got as far as contacting someone who was willing to supply the inventory once everything was ironed out.  I only had one thing going against me; I was unable to secure the startup funding necessary.  Much like the preacher, I wondered how I would go about doing so.  I couldn’t take a loan out because my credit, while very good, lacked some of the other credentials that business lenders look for.  Other ideas were posed to me, but at that point in time, the risks seemed to outweigh the potential rewards.  Well, I still have all of my notes and plans in my filing cabinet, so who knows?  It may yet see the light of day at some point.  Since reading this chapter and the ones before it, I feel that I am only getting closer to assuring myself of possibly revisiting and realizing this goal one day.

A recurring point that has been stated throughout the chapters in this book, and repeated yet again in this chapter, is that if one seeks to obtain a million dollars, one must see themself in possession of that million dollars.  Well, when I spoke with my accountant during this time regarding the possibility of obtaining money to potentially start an arcade business up, he gave me some good advice that I’ll never forget.  He said “when you go to sleep at night, instead of counting sheep, count dollar bills”.

Sweet dreams, fellow leaders!

Daniel Clark