Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andrew Conlee Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Posted: 2016-04-06



In cooperation with this chapter on Imagination, imagine what could have been had not the synthetic imagination AND the creative imagination worked to full capacity:

  • Asa Candler would not have used the contents of the Enchanted Kettle to bring forth an economic powerhouse lasting well into the Third Millennium.

  • Dr. Frank Gunsaulus could not have acquired the million dollars from Philip Armour to build and organize the Armour Institute of Technology (now Illinois Tech).

  • Herb Kelleher would have given in to his competitors and his company’s own misfortunes, and Southwest Airlines never would have risen to the top of the airline industry.

  • Cecil G. Fisher could not have transformed farmland in central Indiana into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

  • John Stephen Akhwari would have thrown in the towel after falling in the marathon in 1968.  (Special thanks to Tuula for sharing this earlier.)

  • Motorhead’s Lemmy and his friend Wendy O. Williams would not have made the Tammy Wynette classic “Stand By Your Man” into one killer duet.

  • Harry Turtledove would never have written his alternate-history novels of “what might have been” had the South won the Civil War, or had aliens invaded Earth during World War II, or others.

  • And Andrew Conlee would not have shot a video of his lipsynching the Christmas classic “Pretty Little Dolly”.

From the big to the little, everyone makes a difference.  So if you don’t think you can make a difference, look at these examples, and think again!

Andrew Conlee

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA