Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kathy Calicotte Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-04-06




In "Think and Grow Rich" imagination is said to be the workshop of the mind.  The more you read this book, the more the pieces start to

fall into place.  It just occurred to me that a workshop is where you create and assemble things, it's where you figure out what you

want to make and you work on it until you have got it built just the way you want it.  You may have to try a few different things or ways

of doing it, but you have all the tools there in the workshop to do it with, so you just keep working on it until you get it right. The workshop

is a great place for inventing and creating new things.  All the tools are right there, all the materials are right there, you're right there.......

Aaahh ha moment!!!!!   I have everything I need to be successful inside my own mind, all I need to do is, through USE, revive my 

"been dormant for too long" imagination into one that is so alert and busy, my workshop will be producing so much product I may have

to hire some part time help!


The only limitation is that which one sets up in one's own mind.


I am so happy to be a part of Mentoring For Free and I just want to thank you all for believing in me until I believe in myself!


Kathy Calicotte

Hannibal, MO