Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2021-11-10

" The big talent is persistence". My thoughts on this weeks chapter are captured perfectly by this quote from Octavia Butler. 


Whenever I see someone who is a master of something, excelling in their field or their skill, I always assume they must have inherent talent that not many people have. That they were born with something a little extra special that set them apart; and that all they had to do was follow their talent and have people notice, and they were a successful person loving what they do, in a snap of the fingers. 

Sure, people may start out talented at something that they didn't have to cultivate much, but as time goes on, the need to practice the skill and keep learning comes about. It's the people who continually acquire information, practice, dialogue with others who are equally inspired to succeed, and most importantly, the people who build themselves up in a world where it's one of the hardest tasks- it's these people who are successful. 

It takes nothing to say you're working on something big that you hope you'll have, and it takes every effort to actually attain that thing. 

So even though I believe many people are born with great talents, in their quest to eventually use it in a way they enjoy, they have to persist through all sorts of doubts and struggles. 


Thank you Michael and Linda for starting this free program and giving your time to help others achieve the same beliefs about ourselves as you have of us.