Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2021-10-20

On Dec. 23, 2015 I wrote:

"Chapter 6 - Imagination

The dictionary describes imagination as the ability to form 
a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen 
or experienced and the ability to think of new things.

When I decided to open up a Dressmaking business I set up my shop,
using my imagination to create a space people would enjoy coming to 
and would also give them confidence in my ability to do whatever job
they gave me and that I was there to work.  This was not just a hobby.  

I had a room set up specifically for the job.  I had a big 6 x 4 cutting table
with a special cutting mat on it so when I used my special roller cutter it 
would not cut the table yet would cut my material in less than three quarters of the time
of using scissors.  

I had my home sewing machine set up for doing zippers and
sewing special delicate fabrics.  Next to it I had my home serger for the delicate
hems and for the special jobs that could not be done on an industrial machine.
I had my Industrial straight stitch machine which I used most of the time because it
was fast and next to that was my Industrial serger for the regular work and the heavy jobs.
Above each machine I had a shelf with all  the tools each machine needed to adjust
the machines, the feet and change needles.  

I had one window in the room for the natural light to come in and the rest 
of the walls were covered with shelves.  One section was for all the thread.
I had cones and cones of thread all sitting in their rows neatly placed with 
each color having their own section.

The rest of the shelves were filled with the material I needed.  There were 
stacks of interfacing, Stacks of lining, of ribbon, lace and of material for 
quilting and material to do about any repair that was needed.  The rest of the 
material was “my stash”, the things I used for my own personal use.

It knew where everything was and I kept everything in its place.  

When a new customer would come into my shop, they would just stand 
there looking around the room, and the first thing they would always say 
was “WOW”.  The second thing they would say is “Look at all that thread, 
look at all that material and you use all those machines?” 

Their imagination would go to work and they would see their project finished 
to their satisfaction.  At that moment, I had their know, like and trust.  
 When someone downloads our e-book and begins to read it, their imagination 
begin to tell them there may be a solution, there may be help and there may 
be someone who will be there to give them the answers to their questions. 
As they follow the process of Mentoring for Free they find the workshop, they 
begin using the toolkit and they begin to dream again looking forward to what this
amazing Network Marketing Industry can do for them.  We have their know, like
and trust.

Imagination is the ability to form a picture in our  mind of something we have 
not seen or experienced and sometimes we just need a little help.   Just as the 
customers seen that help when they walked into my shop,  I knew I needed that 
help when I downloaded the e-book and began to see the big picture of 
what Mentoring for Free could do for me.  

I am grateful to be a part of Mentoring for Free and it is a to privilege to help people
visualize their dreams."

Tuula Rands,

George Bernard Shaw  wrote "Imagination is the beginning of creation. 
You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."