Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-04-06

Imagination  the workshop of the mind  the fifth step towards riches:

I  can use sythetic imagination and creative imagination,and with practice can make them work irresistably together.Imagination is the missing ingredient in many a failure, the catalyst of many a success

.Asa Candler did not invent the formula for Coca- Cola, he supplied the imagination which turned a formula into a fortune.

Albert Einstien's theory of relativity was said to be led to him not by physics and mathematics but his imagination.He visualized himself riding a beam of starlight through space.When he imagined what would happen as he sat astride the beam of light,he was able to work out the mathematical formulas that proved the theory!

Money without limits is awaiting when wanted  in definite amounts for a definite, imagination-backed purpose. The principle secured a million dollars for a clergyman who merely asked for it.

Many a fortune waits to be made with a simple idea.See how you may win thousands or millions even without an original plan-by coming up with a new combination.Every time you rearrange information into a new combination or order,every time you put old information to  a new use, you are using imagination.Every time you set a goal and visualize yourself a having achieved it,you are using your imagination.To use it to its fullest capacity,begin by gathering all available information on the subject from every possible source.Use critical thinking here and the real test is not in the gathering,but in the applying

The finest tool still needs a man who knows how to use it.