Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kenneth Guernsey Guernsey Lubbock, TX,

Posted: 2016-04-06

Chapter 6 Imagination

The Workshop of the Mind

The Fifth Step toward Riches

I think imagination begins with a dream.  A dream is something we see or a desire.  How you achieve that dream or desire, is with your imagination.  There are two types of imagination.  Synthetic and creative.  It is with these two types of imagination that we are able to make our dreams and desires come to reality.  It is with our imagination we see the details that are required to turn this into reality.  Most times it is with synthetic imagination that this occurs.  It is with our creative imagination that we use to solve problems that cannot be solved with our synthetic imagination.

In order to bring our desire into reality, we need to create that desire with our imagination.  In order for what we imagine to come true, we must create a plan to bring it to reality.  The plan will have all the intricate details required to make our creation happen.  It is our imagination that brings this to fruition.  In many cases this is all new territory for the person creating this project. 

Creating wealth is in my opinion an intangible object, meaning it is not a product which you can touch or feel, but it is something that can be utilized to bring you very tangible objects, that you can touch and feel.  To create wealth is not putting together objects.  It is a written plan with step by step methods to create the ultimate goal.  Most of this plan will be synthetic, but then as you progress through the plan, your creative imagination will need to be utilized in order to solve problems that develop along your progress toward your goal.

We are all here to learn better how to achieve our goals, our dreams, and our desires.  With the help of these lessons, we will all achieve those goals, dreams, and desires if we develop our plans with what we learn here and do not quit.  

Ken Guernsey