Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary Mirembe TORONTO, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-04-06

The Fifth Step toward Riches

Imagination are thoughts and ideas in the mind of a person that are NOT based on physical senses.

Imagination is a place with tools where we design our ideas and the strategy to transform them into reality. It could be a workshop, a seminar or a discussion group that emphasizes exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, methods and/or procedures. Mentoring For Free and the mental cleanse mastermind are examples of such workshop.

Hill says "Imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man. The impulse, the desire, is given shape, form and action through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the the mind".

It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine. If you imagine less, less is what you will deserve and receive.

Man's only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination. He has not yet reached the apex of development in the use of his imaginative faculty. He has merely discovered that he has an imagination, and has commenced to use it in a very elementary way.

There are two forms of imagination:

One is Synthetic Imagination through which concepts, ideas or plans may be arranged into new combinations. Synthetic imagination works best with experience, education, and observation with which it is fed. It creates nothing.

The other is Creative Imagination - through the faculty of Creative Imagination, the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. It is through this faculty that we receive hunches and inspirations in the form of new ideas.

We have to keep our imagination busy through regular use. Self talk is a great tool for keeping our imagination busy and active.

Mary Mirembe
Ontario, Canada