Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Aleida McCarth Westminster, Maryland, US

Posted: 2016-04-06



                                                                    CHAPTER 6

                                            IMAGINATION: THE WORKSHOP OF THE MIND
                                                               Fifth step Toward Riches

Imagination is literally the workshop where all plans are created by man. The impulse, the DESIRE, is given shape, form, and ACTION through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind. It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine

There are two types of Imaginations described in this chapter. 

1- SYNTHETIC IMAGINATION:—Through this faculty, one may arrange old concepts, ideas, or plans into new combinations, and use it as specialize knowledge to plan our goals

2- CREATIVE IMAGINATION:—Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. It is the faculty through which “hunches” and “inspirations” are received. It is by this faculty that all basic, or new ideas are handed over to man. By the use of creative imagination we put in progress our desires, and without it we cannot be successful in our line of business

Without imagination, we cannot dream, without dreams there is no inspirations to make plans for the near future, and without faith we cannot make real our dreams.

Without dreams we cannot put our desires on paper. 
We cannot write down our goals and repeat them day and night until our subconscious mind transform our desires to money.

In simple words without IMAGINATION man have no DESIRES, without desires there are no GOALS, without goals there is no future.

Aleida McCarthy 
Westminster, Maryland