Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lewis Stone Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Posted: 2016-04-06


It is the workshop where all plans and ideas are created. The desire is given shape by the imagination of man. Man has achieved enormous feats because of the power of developed imagination. However, most men use their imagination in an undeveloped elemental way. They usually are unaware that the imagination can be developed.

There is the synthetic imagination and the creative imagination. With synthetic imagination, old experiences are rearranged into new combinations. This is what we mostly use in our daily lives. It only works on the experience and education which one has acquired. Nothing is created through synthetic imagination. The creative imagination is what connects with the Infinite wisdom to create. This type can only be achieved through strong desire. It is the creative imagination that accomplishes amazing things.

Everything in the universe exists and began because of the intangible form of energy. Desire is a form of intangible energy, the same stuff that created the universe! Asa Sandler created Coca Cola  because of the practical use of imagination. Frank Gunsaulus received a million dollars because of a riveting speech he gave on his plan to achieve a million dollars. What actually transmutes ideas into wealth is determined effort. Sometimes to transmute desire into its monetary equivalent, it takes many years. It is the determined effort that leads one to his destination.