Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-04-05

Creative Imagination is the workshop of the mind.  By using Creative Imagination man can create object (tangible) and abstract thoughts (concepts). These new ideas or concepts can only become reality through the Creative Imagination.  Synthetic Imagination is the thought process used for construction to materialize through knowledge, experience and that which is already at hand and is readily available to complete the task at hand. Creative Imagination can be of assistance when Synthetic Imagination has been exhausted.  It often comes as a plan to overcome and obstacle of which can not be solved by using Synthetic Imagination.

When writing a poem I had to use my Creative Imagination to put just the right words together to make sense in a rhythmic pattern that flowed and was pleasant to the reader as well as the hearer.  I would have to sit for hours and wait for the right words to come to me through the ether from infinite intelligence before I put them on paper. And they would come. I would sometimes sit for hours doing what we call pondering but infact I was tapping into a higher source of power to develop a finished poem.  It was as if my mind grappled to find words and often by some instinct I would change them often. The infinite inelegance was working on my behalf to help me come to the conclusion of signing my name to a finished product. By concentration on what I wanted to write, my thoughts were at a high enough frequency to tap into the universal mind of others and the infinite inelegance would provide to my creative imagination what was needed to finish the poem. Likewise it will work with concerted effort for you to come up with a plan of action to accomplish any thing you imagine.

I love the Creative Imagination because it takes you to a place of wonder and excitement. I would have a sense of satisfaction when the right thoughts crossed over to the thoughts of others to bring about my creative of work. I wonder what would man be without imagination both synthetic or creative imagination.  My imagination tells me that we would still be in caves grunting at each other trying to communicate in a primitive way. Nothing of our lifestyle today would exist without the imagination of man wanting to reach out for a better tomorrow. Thinking of ways to create the thousands of inventions to improve our existence.

Now I get to use my Creative Imagination to help with the mastermind group and find a plan for my life for a better tomorrow.

Thank all of you who participate in the mastermind group and lend your creative imagination for us all to win.

Thank you Michael, and you better half Linda for your creative imaginations that helped others like me to reach their highest potential.