Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-08-04



According to Hill you will never accumulate money and be able to retain money without power. Power is the term, which refers to organized effort and knowledge. This is where two or more people work together to a definite goal.


Have you ever noticed a sports team that had plenty of talented players, but failed to win a championship?  I have seen this a few times.  A perfect example is the Minnesota Vikings.  This franchise has won more games than it has lost over the history and had some great teams.  They went to the Super bowl four times in the seventies, but fell short.  Since then they have been to the NFC Conference Championship a number of times and never advanced.  They have come close but fallen short.  Just having a lot of talent does not get the job done if you do not gel as a time when in matters the most.


Then there are teams with respectable players but win because they play like a well-oiled engine.  When the Winter Olympics took place in Lake Placid the US Hockey Team was still fielding Amateur vs. Professional players.  The US had some good players, but by no means the best. 


Herb Brooks the coach took twenty-five hockey players from around the US.  They were not expected to even make the medal rounds.  The projected favorite was the Soviet Team who at that time was considered the best Hockey Team in the world. The Soviet Team for years would handily beat the NHL All Stars.  They Soviet Hockey team was a well oiled machine.


Brooks mission was to follow suit and beat the Soviets at their own game.   He worked these players for at least six months before the games opened.  After a slow start in game one, the US Team cruised to the medal round where they played the Russian Team.    A Miracle happened that night when the US beat the USSR.    Two days later they won the Gold Medal.  The US Team was behind in both games but stuck together, came back, and brought home the gold.   


This is one of the most notable moments in Sports in my lifetime.  The US won because they played as a team. 


There are many businesses around that have plenty of talent and reliable employees. Yet they work for companies who do okay, but nothing world changing.  Then there is the history making ventures.


One Example is Ross Perot, who prior to forming EDS was a top sales representative at IBM.  He decided to leave and start his own company. Many told him he was foolish for making this move. This did not stop Perot.   Perot surrounded himself with other Master Minds and had a burning desire for wealth, which he achieved.  A notable moment was when EDS went head to head with IBM for a large contract and won.  Perot was happy with the tangible results of winning the bid.  He said that the most gratifying was his company through hard work and creativity beat IBM who was considered the best in the world.  His company worked as a Mastermind to defeat the opposition.


Plenty of Businesses can survive and become profitable.  They have a number of talented employees who work hard and are dedicated. 


Then there are the businesses that revolutionize something in the world.  They have a leader or leadership team who surrounds themselves with the right people or mastermind and take their endeavors to a whole different level.  Henry Ford for one who revolutionized the mass assembly of automobiles. He was not considered the brightest or most educated.  So what, he had a mastermind team around him.


The same applies to Network Marketing.  As I say almost every week, that we can all succeed in this business in the long run.  A very small number, however, will succeed.


Why?  Well folks need to find a five-pillar company, believe in the products or services, work hard and smart, and surround themselves with positive likeminded people. 


They say you are what you usually eat?  Well that’s definitely true when we get older.  Another one is we are who we associate with the majority of our time. 


Surround yourself with positive, motivated and uplifting individuals as much as possible.  One probably will not succeed if they spend a lot of time at the local VFW Bar or watching the news for hours each night. 

Do as much as you can to personally develop and help other motivated individuals do the same, which in time will duplicate itself.


So thankful for Mentoring for Free where I can associate with other positive minds.


Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me. Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


Proverbs chapter four-verse number twenty-three.  “”Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”