Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, CT, United States

Posted: 2016-04-05

Louise Douglas, Hartford, CT,  U S A


The Fifth Step towards riches as defined by Mr Hill is "Imagination". This step functions in two forms.

Synthetic imagination, the one we develop early in life by the home life one is surrounded by. I 

grew up with my Paternal grandmother. She was biological mother to two sons and one adopted son.

 As long as I can remember there was no hesitation in her saying she "did not like girls". Those words 

were part of the education and experience fed to me. 

She was not afraid  to let me know, as a girl getting beyond learning to read and write was not

a necessity.

Needless to say the level of my imagination was not very high.

I will quote the following from the author as these words took on a life of it's own to me.

As far as Science has been able to determine. the entire universe consists of but two  elements

Matter and Energy. Through the combination of Energy and Matter  has been created everything

perciptible to man, from the largest star which floats in the Heavens, down to, and including man, 


You are now engaged in the task of trying to profit by Nature's  Method.  

I am Sincerely and earnestly adopting myself to Nature's Law, by endeavoring to convert DESIRE

into it's physical and monetary equivalent. I must become familiar with the laws and how to use them.

Thanks to Michael and Linda for Mentoring For Free, and the Mastermind Team for the opportunity 

as I  learn,and  know, they believe in me until I can believe in myself.