Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2016-04-05

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“The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man”. As an illustration of the power of imagination, I would like to tell a story about a football player who while preparing himself during the week preceding a match does what he terms “mind gym”. He visualises  different scenarios during the game, whether his team is ahead or behind on the scoreboard, and decides how to react in those situations. Now his role in the team is pivotal and it is his job to call the different plays. Quite often, the situations that arise on the field of play are quite close to what he would have predicted. He feels quite confident when calling plays because it’s like déjà vu: he already has experienced the situation mentally and he knows what he wants to happen.


Dr. Gunsaulus had an idea which he kept turning over and over in his head until it became a burning obsession. His intense desire to set up a college based on his philosophy of education kept growing even though he could not see a way to raise a million dollars to finance the project. He had a definite purpose, but it wasn’t going anywhere until one Saturday afternoon while sitting in his room he thought of ways and means of raising the money needed to carry out his purpose. In other words, he brought his imagination into play on the problem. As he said himself: “I made up my mind, then and there, that I would get the necessary million dollars within a week”. With a definite plan, he made a definite decision and he put the plan into action immediately. Hill says: “….definiteness of purpose takes on animation, life, and power when backed by a burning desire to translate that purpose into its material equivalent”. However without a plan and a definite decision followed by immediate action, the desire and purpose are stillborn.



It is indeed very fitting that the next chapter in Hill’s book is entitled “Towards Riches: Organized Planning”.


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