Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jacob Domagalski Poznan, Greater Poland, Poland

Posted: 2021-06-09

NOTHING CAN STOP ME...well I could finish this lesson here. 

Nothing will stop me if my desire is strong enough.
Desire is organism, which lives and which I need to train everyday without doubts.
The state of mind of true believer together with THE plan and perseverance will be my companion till the end of my life.
I want to remind my goals to myself - everyday - to not lose eyes from the price. 
I will be ready when the success will strike, and desire will be the one which let my milk it for all its worth.

Desire of making the world better in mind of every great person in the history is a prof of unbelievable power which comes with it.
With my faith, with my action, with my desire I want to endear people who have the same goals.