Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-06-09



You cannot judge a book by the Appearance of the Cover. I have read a number of books with a plain Jane cover. that turned out to be life changing.  The same goes for some movies I have watched over the course of my life.


The same goes for individuals.  They may not look the best, have Ivy League educations, smooth talking, wear a Rolex watch, or drive a pricey vehicle.  This by no means makes them successful. 


Edwin Barnes got of the train in Orange, New Jersey with virtually no money and old dingy looking clothes.  He went straight to Edison’s office and informed Edison that he was there to go into business with him. Edison ended up giving him a menial wage job. 


Barnes ended up working for Edison for five years before the opportunity of a lifetime came up, when he received a contract to sell his dictating machines. Barnes took this opportunity and ran with it.  In turn he became very wealthy. 


Many will say he was lucky and in the right place at the right time.  False!   Barnes was there because he kept his eye on the prize for five years and kept the mindset.  He was there to go into business with Edison and was sticking too it.


Almost everyone would have quit and moved on with there lives.  Not Barnes.


As I said last week, this demonstrates that one is able to

“Think and Grow Rich!”


There are multiple examples of this and some are world changing. One is the Wright Brothers. They dreamed and had a desire to build a machine that would fly through the air.  Because of this we are able to travel from one end of America to the other in a matter of hours. 


Another examples, which may hit close to home with folks in Network Marketing is Mary Kay.  Mary Kay has built a vast organization, which now consists of more than Two Hundred and fifty thousand beauty consultants worldwide.   When asked about her success, she suggested some personal development exercises.  Here are some of these.


The first is always picturing you as successful.   Set aside time aside each day to be alone and undisturbed.


Next is reflect on your past successes.  Every success we have either large or small is proof that one is capable of achieving more successes.


Next is Set Definite Goals.  We need to have a clear direction of where you want to go. Be aware when you deviate and take immediate corrective action.


Last is respond positively to life. We need to develop a positive self-image. Our image, our reactions to our life and decisions are completely within our control.


In order to succeed you need to believe you can, imagine you can, and drive on when things look bleak at times.


The few with strong desire will plow through, but most, unfortunately will stop.  Why? They did not have a strong desire.


Remember Mary Kay, she pictured herself successful and not only enhanced her life, and she helped enhance the lives of hundreds of thousands.


Mentoring for Free is a great place to be with quality individuals, which are likeminded, and on the same road to success.


Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me. Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


Psalm chapter Thirty-Seven verses number four. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”


Michael Simon