Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gerry Hatton Aurora, Colorado, United States

Posted: 2021-06-07

Chapter 2. "Desire"


Some time ago I began reading "Think and Grow Rich". I had red it a number of times before that. I remember when I got to Chapter 4 on Autosuggestion I decided to memorize Carnegie's Formula to see if it worked. I started out with a modest amount of money, $20,000 in a six month period of time. Six months after starting these spaced repetitions I began a new job with a firm in Jericho, New York. A few days after getting started I was given the assignment of delivering a contract to a new customer. AT&T in midtown Manhattan. So I took the train to Penn station and continued on the A Train to midtown and the AT&T offices. Later on in the week I flew back to Denver. The day after returning I found in my mail box a check for $20,000! The commission check for the AT&T contract! Amazing. For some reason I never tried to repeat it. I think I'll try again!