Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2021-06-06

Chapter 2 - Desire

In September 12th, 2011 I wrote:

Chapter 2 – Desire

Barnes may have looked like a tramp but he saw himself as a king before he ever went to see Edison.
He had confidence in himself.

It did not matter to Barnes what other people thought. 
He had visualized what he wanted and lived it in his mind everyday.   
He also took action.  He did not just sit at home and focus on the obstacles 
he had to face for his dream to become a reality.   He did not care if he had 
to start at the bottom doing the most menial work.  That is not where he was 
in his mind.  In his mind he was a partner with Edison.  He just took each step 
and was content no matter how small that step was.  No matter how small the
step was it was still one step closer. 

I am a green.  So I did what greens would do.  I went to the dictionary. 

Desire as a verb stresses the strength of feeling and often implies strong intention or aim. 
Wish sometimes implies a general or transient longing especially for the unattainable.  
Want suggests a felt need or lack.  
Crave stresses the force of physical appetite or emotional need and 
covet implies strong envious desire.

Barnes did not covet.  He did not envy. He did  not have a transient longing. 
He lived with the positive emotions.  He had a strong feeling and intention and aim.  
He knew what he wanted and he was willing to do whatever it took to attain it.

What do we have?  Do we have desire with the strongest emotion and intent?
Or do we settle?   Is our “why” just a wish?  Maybe a want? Or do we just crave and covet
with envy what others have?  

Our 'Why” should not be in the negative emotions of envying what others have.  It should
also not be in what others can do for us or what we can get from them.  Our “why” or “desire”,
which ever you want to call it, should be a personal strength of feeling that moves us to action 
so strong that whatever obstacles come in our way we view as stepping stones.

If our desire is for  physical things like a car or a bigger home, what happens to us once we attain
that car or home?  Most physical things do not bring to us the lasting happiness we thought it would.

Back to the dictionary. 

Desire as a noun is a conscious impulse toward something that promises 
enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment?  

Is it enjoyable while we are striving to get the car or the house?  Physical things do not last.
The car will depreciate and get old.   The house will only be new until we get used to it.  
And then what?

Doing our “why” can sometimes be confusing and I believe we do not always 
understand what it really is and how powerful it can be until we “get it”.

We can get all the cars, houses, etc. we want but I don't believe that is what 
will bring lasting happiness.  Happiness comes from relationships and relationships 
are all we really have in this life.

This was brought to my mind when my late husband, Peter, died.  I went to 
the funeral home to pick up his ashes and I was driving home when I came to 
a red light and had to stop.  While waiting there I looked at the passenger seat 
where the ashes of my husband were and I realized and said,  “So this is what 
it comes to.  The only thing we have left from someone's life is the relationships 
we have built."

How important is that?  It is everything.

Tuula Rands"

P.S.  One of the biggest things I have learned since 2011 when I wrote this lesson
is the importance of getting to know oneself and loving who we are.  Without loving
ourselves we will never attain the heights that we strive for whether in our business
or in our personal lives.

A quote from Delilah - "All the money you make, all the awards you win, all the plays you produce, 
all the things you accomplish - the only thing that will remain is the love 
and the relationships that are formed in your lifetime."