Think & Grow Rich Lessons
karen stroeh Rock Rapids, Iowa, United States

Posted: 2016-04-04



Our only limitation is the ones that we put on ourselves.

By working with our creative imagination and letting ourselves believe in what

our imagination is telling us, we will be able to achieve our dreams.

After we perfected our creative imagination, we can tune in or communicate with

the subconscious minds of others. Sharping our creative imagination skills is

not enough we need to take action and work the plan or plans to get there.

Ideas are intangible forces, but they have more power than the physical brains

that give birth to them. They have the power to live on, after the brain that creates

them has returned to dust. For example, take the power of Christianity. That began

with a simple idea, born in the brain of Christ. Its chief tenet was, “do unto others

as you would have others do unto you.” Christ has gone back to the source from

whence He came, but His IDEA goes marching on.  quote from NH





Karen Stroeh