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Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2021-05-17

Chapter 14 - The Sixth Sense

On Feb 20/2014  I wrote:

"Chapter 14 - The Sixth Sense

The dictionary states the sixth sense is a special ability 
to know something that cannot be learned by using the five senses.

Hill tells us the sixth sense is the receiving set through
which  hunches or inspirations flash into our minds.

So when we get these hunches or inspirations what do
we do with them?  Do we ignore them?  Do we over analyse
them until they disappear?  Do we follow through with them?

How many hunches to we pass up when it comes to talking with
someone about our business or product?  Does it flash in our mind
to talk to someone and we don’t?  Do we give up before we begin
because we talk ourselves out of it, or tell ourselves it won’t work
because it didn’t work the last time so we don’t follow through? 
Or do we nurture our sixth sense?  

Is it a tool in our tool box that we take out and polish and shine 
every once in a while to make sure it is available and ready for use 
whenever the opportunity shows itself?

Do we have the confidence in ourselves and believe with faith that our
goals and desires will be fulfilled and these hunches and inspirations
are there to guide us along the way?  
Hill tells us our sixth sense is a part of our subconscious mind which is
our creative imagination.  

Have we buried our creative imagination by listening to the naysayers 
or are we finally going to accept the fact that we can change whatever 
we want to change in our lives by changing the way we think.  

There is an old says which is ”We become what we think about”.   
That is what WE think about not what someone else thinks about.

We have to take responsibility for our own lives and I believe it begins by
accepting and being responsible for how we think.

We went to a meeting at a restaurant the other night and as we
were driving there my husband made the comment that we may
have to park some distance from the restaurant and walk.  I said
there just may be a spot for us right in front of the door.
And sure enough, when we got close to the restaurant there was
the spot waiting for us, right in front of the door. 

Our self talk, our subconscious mind and our sixth sense – all
tools that we have in our tool box.  We can use them to work
for us or we can use them to work against us.  It all boils down
to what we think about, what we tell ourselves in our self talk
and what actions we take in the attitude of confidence and 
faith in the outcome.

I still go back daily to the question Michael posed one day
a number of months ago being, “If we knew we could not fail, how 
differently would we live our life?

Tuula Rands"