Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-04-04

At first reading this chapter may seem fanciful; requiring the reader to trust what may appear to be an intangible without knowing exactly how it works, not always an easy thing, especially for us Greens.

That said, history, and the ranks of members of Mentoring for Free are living proof that the principles written here by Mr. Hill work for everyone willing to apply themselves to learning and applying the technique described.  

Imagination is an incredible power which sadly often becomes neglected as we get older and the ‘real world’ is allowed to replace what are often written off as childhood fantasies.

Fortunately imagination is not that easily killed off, It can be revived and it's effects improved through use, the more we use it the better it gets.

Most people with children will have experienced the situation at Christmas or other special occasion where expensive presents had been removed from the boxes and lay discarded while the child happily played in or with the boxes which had, through the use of imagination become a train, aeroplane, sports car, palace or even a ship.

Napoleon Hill tells us the imagination is literally the workshop within which all plans ever created by man were formed. The thought which became the impulse, became a shape or form which led to some form of action came about directly due to the use of imagination.

Although written in 1937, which Mr. Hill declared as the most favourable time for the development of our imaginations, In fact the present day world is even more amazing for the variety of possibilities and opportunities a fertile imagination can provide as the number of ‘new’ inventions, and advances in almost every area of our lives, transport, communication, health and longevity confirm – imagination is alive and well, ready to be put to work by any of us to create our own reality.

Using creative imagination plus a strong desire we develop direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. Imagination opens our minds to receiving thought vibrations from the minds of others. Tuning in in this way, often leads to ideas and inspiration seemingly arriving ‘out of the ether’…

My thanks to every mentor and contributor to Mentoring for Free for the constant affirmation of the incredible power for change existing in every one of us.