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Posted: 2021-05-10

Chapter 13 - The Brain

I am, again, posting a previous lesson which I had posted on Oct 30/2017

Chapter 13 – The Brain

Barry and Sam live in the same neighbourhood.
They both go for a walk every day.

Barry gets up and puts on his gear and as he
goes out the door says to himself  "Here I go again
to get my exercise but I am not sure if it really
is benefitting me."  His attitude is not the most 
positive.  He really does not like to walk but knows
it is necessary to do some exercise everyday and
walking was the easiest thing he could think of doing.

Barry looks at the ground as he walks and misses a 
lot of the beautiful scenery and does not even
notice the neighbours who have quit waving to him
because he just never waved back or acknowledged that
he noticed them at all.

Barry finishes his walk and gets home and says to
himself  "Well that is done for today" takes off his
shoes and goes about his business.

Now Sam gets up and gets ready for his walk by stretching
to get his muscles in shape.  Sam bounces out the door and 
stands  for a few minutes breathing in the beautiful crisp air. 
He begins to walk and notices all the new plants that have  
sprung up, the flowers that have begun to blossom and looks  
at the gorgeous blue sky with the clouds doing their wonderful  
moving artwork.

Sam waves to his neighbours and shouts a great "Good
Morning" to everyone.  Sam loves to walk.  He gets energized
by the feeling his body goes through as he gains more
momentum and thinks to himself "What a wonderful way to
get exercise every day, see the beautiful scenery and
greet the neighbours.  The people know to expect Sam
to come every morning and they can pretty well set their
clock at what time Sam will walk by.  

Sam heads home rejuvenated by his walk and looks forward
to the day ahead and what he will be able to accomplish.

Walking for exercise is just walking?  Or is it?

Both Barry and Sam are setting an example for the neighbours.
They are both sending out vibrations and receiving vibrations
of thought.  Barry is sending and receiving negative vibrations
which he basically asked for and Sam is sending and receiving
positive vibrations which he also asked for.

It does not matter what we are doing in our lives, we are
sending out vibrations that are picked up by others.  They can
either be positive or they can be negative.  We choose how we
live and how we react to anything.  We determine what our day
will be like and what we determine is what people see.  

If we had a choice to walk with someone,  would we rather
walk with Barry or would we rather walk with Sam?

OR, if our clients had a choice to download the e-book from
Barry or Sam, who would they choose?

Do we walk and work like Barry or do we walk and work like Sam?

As Michael always says "How you to anything, is how you do

Tuula Rands

Jay S. Walker stated "All of imagination - everything that we think, we feel, we sense - comes
through the human brain. And once we create new patterns in this brain,
once we shape the brain in a new way, it never returns to its original shape."