Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wayne Thompson Falmouth, Trelawny, Select a state…, Jamaica

Posted: 2016-04-03

 Imagination chapter six think and grow rich
 the work shop of the mind

Wayne Thompson

Martha Brae, Jamaica.

 Millions of people around the world die  of poverty.

People  struggle to make it out of poverty by failure  to use imagination.
we  imagine things everyday.
I can create anything I want through my imagination. 

Imagination is the  broadcasting and receiving station. 
everybody imagine something. but not everybody know their are two types of imagination. 

 synthetic and creative.
 Rearranging old concept,ideas, plan into new combination. This results to nothing. 

It  works with experience,education and observation with which received.This is how  synthetic imagination work.

Do you want to  rearrange concepts are ideas?

Steve Job  uses his creative imagination to build an empire. Today apple  is one of the largest firm in the technology world. 

Do you want to make a difference in the world through your creative imagination?

Wayne Thompson

Martha Brae, Jamaica.