Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-04-21

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 10               April 21. 2021

Power of the Mastermind


Chapter 10  helped me realize that I am already in a well-designed Master Mind Group. Certainly our Mentoring for Free (MMF) group is such a place. It helps me to think more critically.  It gives me space to contemplate what I can do to order my life to become successful.  It helps me actively prepare myself to invite and develop personal habits and practices that will prepare me for riches of many types:  monetary, behavioral and even spiritual.  The value of this Think and Grow Rich group enhances my value and participation anywhere I I may be. 


This intentionally formed Master Mind group develops me to think in a way that I feel comfortable contributing.  It encourages me to constantly be aware of God, or Infinite Intelligence and look for daily hunches.  It helps me interact with others with like minds to take action in my life and business.


MMF helps me develop POWER to reach my goals. 


Last week, I had an interesting experience with power.  I was helping a friend who had been ill.  She asked me to turn on a lamp in a difficult place behind her couch.  I checked way down in the dark to be sure it was plugged in and it was.  I then started to look at the top of the lamp for a switch, which was difficult to reach and she assured me was on.  Next I tried all the light switches on the wall and none made a difference.  Just to satisfy myself, I went back to the lamp, crawled over the couch and the corner end table.  When I found the spot to turn the lamp on and clicked it, the light came on.  We really need to know the source of power in order to get the lights on in our home and in our mind.


The power of the Master Mind comes from 2 intangible sources:  the first source is Economic, which comes from becoming a “person who surrounds herself with the advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a group of men (and women) who are willing to lend me wholehearted aid, in a spirit of PERFECT HARMONY.” 


.With a common goal of building a healthy, prosperous Network Marketing businesses, I am blessed to be with Linda and Michael Dlouhy, who have already achieved the goal I desire. They plus several other members of MFF are already being blessed by following these principles and willingly lift me up with the advice and counsel that helps me be a critical thinker.  Plus, this is a harmonious group encouraging me to see myself as successful.  The only thing that has held me back is fear.  Now, when I hear the words, “Next brilliant leader, please speak up,”…I need to SPEAK UP!  No comment or question is too small. 


The second intangible source of power is the Spiritual or Psychic source, which emerges “When a group of individual brains coordinate and function in Harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance, becomes available to every individual brain in the group.”  Just like batteries increase in power with added numbers of batteries, so our brains increase in power developing a 3rd mind of thought as the brains focus on a definite end with additional like-minded people.


I have been with this group now over 4 years and have read the book numerous times.  During my first months in MFF, I was timid and hesitant to ask questions or share my ideas.  I felt someone might laugh at me or my thoughts might not be good enough.  I came to listen only.  My next step was to write a few lessons, which I dropped for a long time after that.  Michael had me read the first one.  I spoke.  After that, I tried to add a comment or two to each discussion.  I began writing again and finally committed to write weekly.  Sometimes I still get it together between the 2 times we discuss the lesson, but I do it.  The benefit of participating in discussions and thinking deeply of the subject has given me much greater conviction and courage.  It cannot be overstated.


I am sharing this as there may be someone who will benefit.  I now feel comfortable with the information and am able to apply it to myself.  Each time we complete the book and start again, I see more deeply into myself and benefit more greatly.  This is not meant to be a “La La” read, or even just a listening experience.  It is meant to be a developmental experience where I start from wherever I am and GROW.  I grow in my business success and in the ease of communicating with others.  As I grow, I look toward becoming one of those who counsels and adds to the success of others.


Thank you so much to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for committing to lead me in this most valuable “being” experience.  Likewise, I thank those of you who participate, perhaps now just by listening.  Please stay and be changed and empowered by this experience.  You have much to offer to yourself and to all of us.


Kay Young

Superior, CO