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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2021-04-21

Ben You need to be careful about those who You choose to mastermind with. The main question must be, does this person have the life that I am seeking or have they achieved that goal. Aswell as can they understand the vision I am giving them. Do we see the same pictures or vision.

For many years I would mastermind and listen to those who had poor health, who had never built a layout like the one that wish to build, they have never been an entrepreneur. All they have known is what society trained them get a job and work. For many Years I have built a business silently becoming more, the biggest challenge has been getting around positive supportive friends in my own life.

When started this journey I started as health was at a difficult place with having had the 3rd dislocation of a knee cap in 10 years recently I was told that needed to lose weight initially it started good changing eating habits then off to the gym where I meet an excercise physiologist who helped to start the journey to improved health. Then I returned to my 2nd  network marketing company for another stint where I managed to successfully get health and weight under control.

The issue was I was talking with those who may of lost some weight or had hardly as much health transformation as needed to personally have. My sponsor a great guy started saying was looking gaunt although I was still needing to tone up my body. I would listen to anyone although they had barely any experience dealing with those same challenges which I had walked through. I had also had medical professionals say I didn’t believe that You could lose weight and I just listened to them. Just like listening to relatives who had no entrepreneurial experience saying that needed to go back to a job so that my wife wasn’t the only bread winner of the family and we had an income.

For years I had been used to a income as a volunteer or even as an entrepreneur where it was erratic. That was A huge difference from the world of a job where you always knew You have an income coming in. These are just example of some of the masterminds which I have had for many years now. These days it is difficult to discuss an idea until feel safe with that person and know they can understand the vision which I may have. A mastermind on it’s own. There is always going to be these types of mastermind groups, our job is to filter out the positive and negative groups.

Thank you so much to my amazing wife for life Jenny for your continued love. Thank you so much to my amazing friends and family from mentoring for free for Your continued friendship and for helping me to learn the difference between the two types of mastermind groups. A special  thank you to Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for all Your own lessons, support and love.

Your friend and mentor for life,

Big hugs my friends

Ben Drake

West Ryde Nsw Australia

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