Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-04-21



In order to accumulate and retain money you must have Power.  Otherwise this will not happen. Power as a term refers to organized effort or knowledge.  Knowledge can be acquired infinite intelligence, accumulated experience, or experiment and research. Then it can be converted into power by organizing this into definite plans and following through with the plans.


This is the Power of the Mastermind, which is a coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.  No one will have great power and unlimited financial resources without affiliation with a Mastermind.   One might have a profitable one-man band or small shop where you make a good wage and have some money in the bank.  They, however, will not have unlimited financial resources as a large lucrative business without this association. 


Every business Empire from the past, present, and future had the Power of the Mastermind.   


Carnegie surrounded himself with approximately fifty individuals with experience and expertise in manufacturing and marketing in the Steel Industry.  Carnegie attributed his financial success to the power he accumulated through the Master Mind. 


Henry Ford considered ignorant by the critics and pseudo intellectuals of the time, as well surrounded himself with brilliant minds and experts of different fields.  He became a personal friend of Thomas Edison.  Some others are Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, and Luther Burbank.   


The same goes presidential administrations.  If the President surrounds themselves with talented individuals who are rational and can work cohesively with others will be successful and get things done for the good of the country.  This includes qualified cabinet members and good advisors.


President Franklin Roosevelt surrounded himself with the best minds in the Country, which he called think tanks.  President Trump for the most part had successful cabinet members who worked well with the team. If not, they were replaced and quickly.   More importantly he called on different business minds and picked their brains on manufacturing, construction, supply chains, and other ways, which in turn created a robust economy and, millions of jobs. 


The current administration does not appear to be doing this. The results are speaking for themselves.


The same goes for our Network Marketing businesses.  One might have early level success as a lone ranger. Might have some quick sales and multiple front line recruits. They, however, will not create a large organization if they refuse to plug into the system, practice personal development, and teach others principles and processes which can be duplicated, so the business grows even when they are not present.


Mentoring for Free is the perfect place for personal development association with positive individuals.  Thank you Michael And Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


Proverbs Chapter Thirteen Verse number twenty., “ He that walks with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”


Michael Simon