Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2021-04-19

Chapter 10 - Power of the Mastermind

Epictetus quote “Be careful whom you associate with. It is human to 
imitate the habits of those with whom we interact. 
We inadvertently adopt their interests, their opinions, 
their values, and their habit of interpreting events.”

Have we ever been in a situation where a group discussion
began to go in a direction we really did not agree with and yet 
we found ourselves going in that direction as well only to realize 
that we were just "following the crowd".  We were influenced by the 
other people into sharing their negative beliefs.  This is a 
negative mastermind at work.

Here at Mentoring for Free we "Learn How to think, not WHAT to think!
and participation in these Think & Grow Rich Lessons is where we
learn how to change our thinking from accepting the negative
way to think from others and adopting the positive of thinking for ourselves.

This is a huge transformation because most of us did not even
realize we had been accepting what others thought and we had
let their thoughts influence us in any area of our lives.

As Epicteus also stated "“We cannot choose our external circumstances, 
but we can always choose how we respond to them.”

By Learning How to think, not what to think we have taken back
our right to choose how we will "interact in our intersts, our opinions,
our values and our habit of interpreting events".  We then really
get to know who we are and live life on our terms.

The Power of the Mastermind can work in the negative or the positive.
It is our choice as to which kind of Mastermind we want to participate in.

Tuula Rands