Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Suzanne Douglas Mount Gambier, SA, Australia

Posted: 2021-04-19

Mr. Hill is speaking of 2 Types of “Power”.

1 - Knowledge POWER, planning (execution) action power, vibration power, receiving power (6th sense).   All of these can lead to momentum, growth, and contribution.

2 - Poverty, the lack of POWER, lack of knowledge, lack of skills, lack of planning, lack of action, Being in a low vibration, lack of receiving is the absence of….life and growth.

Unfortunately, the last few yrs I have fallen into the 2nd Type of “POWER” because I stopped believing in myself, I stopped surrounding myself with likeminded people (My MFF MasterMind Family)

I was trying to do things on my own, I was listening to the neigh-sayers and letting the negative (stinking thinking) creep in.

I’m now back doing my self-talk, my devotions, and keeping plugged in with MFF.

Thank you, Michael, Linda & the MFF family for believing in me so I can believe in myself.

Suzanne Douglas