Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Glenn Milner SUNDERLAND, TYNE & WEAR, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-04-03


The Fifth Step toward Riches

People man or woman have the desire to have a creative mind to develop one's ability to produce entrepreneur spirit of their destiny for example the speed of trains have been improved by discovering faster methods of transport  this was done by broadcasting imagination of receiving pulses to the brain and similar to the way we communicate faster by mobile phones and email methods.


One is known as “synthetic imagination,” and the other as “creative imagination.”

Synthetic imagination

This faculty creates nothing. It merely works with the material of experience, education, and observation with which it is fed.

Creative imagination

It is by this faculty that all basic, or new ideas are handed over to man. the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.

This is where you get vibrations of thought and impulses from other subconscious minds. With the mind more in use will produce better thoughts and this is how man converts the desire into money and only mastered once all principles are put in place.

The great leaders of the world are successful through creative imagination.

Imaginative faculty can become weak if not used therefore lose your desires you must always concentrate on the development of synthetic imagination of desire for making money.

Riches are brought to yourself by the desire to think and produce imagination through impulses to say that if you want to be a millionaire it will come through hard work but with a creative plan of action with systematic approach of effort  doing the things repetitively but thinking of new ways to produce results.

Mentoring For Free has given me this release of my imagination to produce results that I will acquire millionaire status through my thoughts of producing new ideas and the desire to succeed as failure is not an option in my mind. Everyone goes through the phase of negativity by others but I have  a strong mind to continue with new thoughts of imagination and effort and not let your mind relax.