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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-04-07

Thank and Grow Rich – Chapter 8                          April 7, 2021

DECISION – The Mastery of Procrastination


Ever since I first read this chapter, I have strived to make decisions more quickly.  As a deliberate person, I tend to make them slowly.  You know…let them simmer.  Look at the different sides of every decision.  Let it rest a few days and then look again.


After hearing from Napoleon Hill that ALL of the successful people he studied made decisions quickly, I had to ponder my ways!  In fact, he went on to say, “People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions, IF AT ALL, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often.”  Oops, he was talking about me.


As I desire to speed up my decision making, I am trying to make them more quickly.  Amazingly, when I do this, I am more aware of “hunches” that shout out at me which path to follow.  Just recently, such a hunch came to me.  I can’t go into it just yet…and I’ll keep you posted on how it comes out.  When I heard the possibility, I KNEW it was right for us.  No hesitation in my mind.  My husband, on the other hand was not so sure.  He said things like, “Let’s wait & see,” or “I’m not sure.”   This was really surprising to me as I saw it as a true direction and a real blessing for us.  The decision has not fully revealed itself and certainly has not made yet, since we have to come together on it.  I’m very curious to watch it unfold & will clue you in when it does.  The important part to me is that I made a decision just upon hearing the opportunity and I’m working on it “as if” it had been made and I will ready when it is certain.


The ability to decide faster has made me, the Green, analyze what is different.  Surprised?  What I notice is that I can see from this moment to the fulfillment of the path right away.  I don’t have to study a virtual trek down every possible path.  It has become very clear.  These hunches, or messages from Infinite Intelligence, or GOD, to me, are the things I now look toward when making decisions.


I am becoming more and better armed to make decisions quickly.  I now see myself as successful in my Network Marketing business.  I see the end of this path and I’m in the picture.  Now, I just have to do the daily work outlined in Mentoring for Free, consistently on a daily basis, and I will be able to see myself occupying the space in my vision much sooner. 


I have no doubt it will come & I will continue to put aside my desire to pick apart anything that holds me up in making quicker decisions.  Gosh…what a long time it has taken to reach this place!


Thanks to Michael and Linda for carrying the weight of a moving van and they pull us all uphill and wait for us to “get it.”  I so appreciate your steadfastness to our success.  Thanks to those of you who are here...and stay here to build yourselves and all the rest of us with your brilliant contributions!


Kay Young

Superior, CO