Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2016-04-01

What I learned from this lesson on imagination is that you have to have the END product in mind. Then break it down to the very begining. What needs to come first? What needs to come second etc? Think about the publisher of the books. When one title does not sell then CHANGE it. Use words for phrases like Richard Dennis taught us. You want your reader to say tell me more!! NOT so what?

Henry Ford saw the automobile BEFORE it became a reality!! There is an old saying the key to happiness is having dreams, HOWEVER the key to success is making them come true!! You can only make your dreams come true when you are first clear on what you want to accomplish. Set a starting time and a finishing time. Without a deadline you will never get it. Life is not a dress rehersal. Get on stage and perform by knowing how many customers and distributors you need in your comp plan & how many e-book downloads you need per week to find those customers and those customer gatherers!!

Also the Six Steps in Chapter 2 are CRUCIAL for your success because you gotta know what are you going to give to the universe in exchange for the customers and distributors. In some companies there are 500 people in exchainge for $10,000 per month and in others there are 3000 people. There is NO way company #2 can compete with company #1. Thats why you must know your numbers.;

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: There is no such thing as the word try. The only time the word try is used is when you are on trial. You either DO or DO NOT!!