Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-02-24

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 2                           Feb. 24, 2021



Edwin C Barnes was NOT hoping and NOT wishing to become a business partner with Thomas A Edison. He had a burning, pulsating, definite desire to be in business with Edison.  Furthermore he had ONLY ONE desire.  It was the all-consuming obsession of his life.


When Barnes first thought of partnering with Edison, it may have only been a wish, yet through his thoughts, it became an overpowering desire.  While pondering Barnes's all-consuming obsession, I asked this question then to myself is….how strong is MY desire?  Even more to consider is how can I build it to the level of Barnes?


Right now I feel pretty good about shutting out the negative and feeling confident that I will reach my goal as I continue to work toward it, but it’s still not BURNING or PULSATING and driving my every moment.


I looked for help on the internet and found a simple list that was doable for me and believe me, there are many.  It is titled 5 Ways Successful People Fuel Their Desire. The author was not mentioned.  Here is the list in case this might be important to build your own level of desire.




     1, Encourage yourself.  It’s important to understand that you

     don’t accomplish great things only  when you feel inspired   

      to act on them.


    2,  Listen to success stories. 


    3,  Pray over your goals daily


     4. Focus on your strengths


     5. Keep the end in mind


 I’m going to try it as it looks like it will help me strengthen my own desire.  It also is simple and I can be slip it into my day in a short amount of time.  This is the most important step to me right now as I already know the rest of this book relies on me having that burning, pulsating desire.


Continual thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for their patience with us as we slowly have the lights go on in our minds and hearts and begin to approach success in every part of our lives.  Thanks to all of you who are here with us in Mentoring For Free in any way.  You help turn on the lights for me.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado