Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jaspreet Singh Delhi, Delhi, India

Posted: 2016-03-31

In one of the examples given in this Chapter, The Idea of obtaining Million Dollar for definite Purpose within 7 days created a sense of assurance from within in the mind of this Idea Holder.

So I observed that when I put a date in front of my goal, how do I feel ? A sense of assurance or a highlighted dis-belief which was there in my mind obscuring from me ? 

And I also sensed that until I complete all the 13 ingredients, I do not feel comfortable with my goal and its accomplishment first in my mind followed by its completion in outer world.

I am amazed and happy to discover this today on reading this Chapter again.

I am so thankful for this amazing Mastermind Group. Thank you all the great Leaders who participate in this forum.