Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Frank LooSer Nashville, TN, United States

Posted: 2016-03-30

Specialized knowledge can be easily understood, when compared to the term niche market.  If you are in a niche market you have drilled down and narrowed your target to a specific area.  Specialized knowledge narrows your focus so that you are in tune with the specifics of your chosen field of endeavors. Basically having specialized knowledge in any area makes you a specialist of that area. For example how to approach people and start a conversation to determine if they are looking for an opportunity to improve their financial situation requires specialized knowledge.  It’s easy once you understand the formula. Just start out saying, Hello how’s it going? Beautiful day outside isn’t it?  I'm just curious are you open to new and exciting money making ideas? I just found out how we can start our own home based business on a shoe string and run it part time until we reach a level that we can replace our boss.  Would it be OK if we got together over a cup of coffee and I introduced you to my business partner?

Frank LooSer