Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mark Sexton Gatesville, TX, United States of America

Posted: 2016-03-30

Chapter 5 - Specialized Knowledge


Knowledge is the building block of our society.  After all, we only started out with one man

and one woman, animals and earth.

Look at what we have accomplished as of today, because of specialized knowledge. We

tend to group knowledge with an educational curriculum.

Our society evolved many times over because of specialized knowledge. I could go into

all the different aspects of specialized areas of

knowledge, but I want to concentrate on what it has done for us as a whole. It has made

different jobs, cultures and even religions.


I feel it is very important what we do with specialized knowledge. I like Ms. Tuula's commentary

towards the end, "Do we make use of this

knowledge and direct it to a definite end or is it just information filled in our mind with no usefull

purpose?" It made me think very hard

as to the importance of specialized knowledge. I feel as if specialized knowledge is very

important to our growth and development as a society. Without it society does not prosper.

Look at all the third world countries today that successful societies have to help out to just

survive. I am not speaking ill of the third world

countries, but in reality if they had specialized knowledge they themselves could survive

in a matter of just the basics needs of clean water, food, medicines. We should seek out

specialized knowledge at all times. If only just to learn what not to do, compared to not

knowing what to do. I wanted to think Bob Shoaf for bringing to the forefront of taking in everyones

opinion, because it sure has made a different way to view knowledge.