Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-12-30

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 9



Hill states, “PERSISTENCE is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting DESIRE into its monetary equivalent. The basis of persistence is the POWER OF WILL.


Will-power and desire, when properly combined, make an irresistible pair.”  Here are 2 stories in which I, personally, have observed desire moving toward persistence and on to success.


Some people are in such terrible circumstances that they are driven to succeed by their current situations.  I know of a young couple I’ll call Dick and Jane who lost their business and were forced to use the help available to them in the food lines to live.   When they learned about a Network Marketing opportunity, they saw a way back to their former, more comfortable life.  They used their desire to change and were persistent which led to their becoming the top marketers in their network marketing business and are now multi-millionaires, helping others, who are willing to work, change their circumstances as well.


Another older woman, I’ll call Mary,  had enough money to live on, but sustained herself and her husband by driving a truck across the US, She traveled hundreds of miles daily from coast to coast, sleeping on and off in the truck…and was about to lose her marriage because of the constant separation.  When she learned about a network marketing opportunity, she immediately joined a company.  Her desire for change pushed her each night, when she stopped at her truck stop to sleep, to spend hours and hours on the phone and she built her business on the road and then stopped driving trucks.


Dick and Jane were pushed by a failed business and total loss of income to make a change.  They put every effort into changing their situation and remained top in their company even after they were out of financial danger.  Their initial desire was to change their own financial circumstance.  However, after they had changed their own situation, the wanted to help others do the same…and did!


Mary’s desire was to stop being on the road daily and to become present as a participating member of her own family.  It was hard for her both physically and emotionally to drive daily. Soon, she reached a life sustaining income in her new business.  She then left the isolating life that had sustained her family by driving a truck and I feel sure she will want to help others do the same.


Personally, these stories inspired me. This year, in 2020, our family has had many challenges which have forced me to focus on the need I have to explode my own network marketing business.  The desire is strong and I see myself being persistent until the goal is reached.  My main desire is for us to retire from our other businesses and spend our time solely helping others succeed.


There are so many others in the same situation.  The changes during 2020 have deepened my desire to have this secondary income that we can count on. Because the future is so unpredictable, this has become my major focus and driving force.  Perhaps some of you see the value of your network marketing business differently after this unpredictable year as well.


In Network Marketing, we have the opportunity to build our own worldwide businesses from home, Covid-19 or not.    I will be in the office, on the computer and phone, persistently building our business tomorrow, in 2021.


As the New Year begins, Jay & I wish each of you clear, focused desires that lead to persistent, profitable, joyful & fulfilling success.


Linda and Michael, I could not have come to this point of actually seeing the reality of success in this industry without your training and encouragement.  May your desires, through your consistent, persistent efforts widen even greater in 2021!  Many blessings and much love to each of you and to all of you who join us in the Mentoring for Free family,


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado