Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2020-12-23

On Revolutions

A revolution occurs when a group of citizens revolt 
against an established ruling person or class, to 
institute a new rule. Throughout history, there have 
been many notable revolutions - the American 
Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Bolshevik 
Revolution in Russia that birthed the Soviet Union - to 
name a few.

Most revolutions devolve into violence, although, to 
their credit, revolutionaries have always presented 
their grievances peacefully, hoping for resolution 
without violence.

Citizens, by nature, tend to divide themselves into 3 
major classes. The first class, the ruling or elite 
class, has members who are there by birth or friendship 
with the rulers. This class typically does not revolt 
because it enjoys the privileges of the status quo.

The second class, the lower or dependent class, are 
typically slaves or others who rely on handouts from 
the rulers for sustenance. They tend not to revolt 
because of complacency with the status quo.

The third class, the middle or working class, is made 
up of the people who build, manufacture, mine and grow 
things for the society. This class is where 
revolutionaries come from - they are the only group who 
has the muscle to execute a revolt.

In Russia, it was the workers who gave birth to the 
Soviet Union. Several decades later, the workers ended 
the Soviet Union - and the tyranny of its ruling class. 
It was a peaceful revolution - the workers simply 
stopped working. 

THAT is muscle!

America’s revolutionaries were workers as well. John 
Adams is remembered as a lawyer with a brilliant legal 
mind, but his primary occupation was running and 
working his family farm. The same with Washington and 

So, the first 3 American presidents has this in common 
- all were working farmers. Most of the recent crop of 
Ivy League graduate American presidents wouldn’t know 
he ass-end of a plow from the ass-end of an ass. (Well, 
Trump would probably know the ass-end of an earth 

At the time of the Founding, the elite class were 
loyalists to the British Crown - not willing to lose 
their status quo standing.

There is currently a revolution taking place in 
America. No, it is not a Marxist revolution. 

Marxism pervaded America’s ruling class decades ago. It 
reigns in the academies, entertainment and big 
business. The ruling class, supported by the voting 
power of the dependent class who live captive on their 
plantation of the mind, squeezed out America’s working 
class in favor of cheap, slave labor in other 

They have eroded away American’s principles, values and 

A few years ago the working class revolted and 
manifested as their leader Donald Trump. It was a 
peaceful revolution, done at the ballot box.

Immediately the ruling and dependent classes countered 
with an endless attack of lies, investigations, rumors, 
the censoring of debate, and the suppression of 
information. Finally, they used unconstitutional means 
to rig the recent election - hoping for a return to the 
status quo.

The revolutionaries have not quit. Hoping to remain 
peaceful, they turned to the courts to remedy their 
grievances - but, thus far, the courts have refused to 
hear their cases.

I do not hope for a violent revolution. Perhaps 
America’s working class can borrow a page from the 
Russian workers’ playbook.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. “I wish you a Merry Christmas, hope 2020 rushes to 
its well-deserved end and 2021 promises to be a 
prosperous year for you!”