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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-12-23



There is Decision and Procrastination, which is Polar Opposites We, can choose one or the other, but cannot do both.  Procrastination according to Hill is a common enemy, which we must all conquer. 


We as individuals may not succeed or become the best in every activity or endeavor we choose to do in our lives.  Sometimes failure at something is a blessing in disguise, meaning this activity or endeavor was not your thing and God had other plans for you.  This has happened to me more than once. 


I wanted to be a basketball player from age seven till almost the end of Middle School.  I had dreams of being a star on the High School Basketball Team, College and possibly the NBA.  I played hoops with my friends a few afternoons a week and every weekend.  I went to Norm Stewart’s who was the coach of the University of Missouri basketball camp twice.  I worked out, played pick up games, and watched hoops from October till June when the NBA Finals were done.  I was okay and probably would have made the school team in a number of places, but not my school.  I could shoot the ball fine, but that was it.  My ball handling and jumping skills were sub par, compared to the competition I had.   You had to be good to make the teams in my neck of the woods.


One of the worst days I remember in my early teenage years was when I was cut from the seventh grade basketball team.  I was mopey and acted like this was the end of the world.  I went on the play church league that winter and made the decision to come back the following year and make the team.   I felt more confident and competitive in tryouts, which was good.  I unfortunately was cut again.  This time I was not happy, but not as destitute.  I, however, was probably a bratty teenager, because I made plenty of excuses.  I considered trying out one more time in my Freshmen Year.    This did not happen, but for good reason!


A friend of mine saw me swim at Boy Scout Camp one summer.  He was going out for the High School SWIM Team.  He suggested I check it out.  I ended up skipping Football practice to go to the Pre Season Meeting of the Hickman High School Swim Team.  I ended up joining the team not because I wanted to swim everyday, but I thought going out of town to meets would be fine.  By the way Football was not meant to be my Sport Either!


A month later swim practice started.  The first week we practiced at six in the morning.  We would swim, eat a quick breakfast and get dropped of at school.  We went to middle through ninth grade, which were a few miles from the High School pool.  It was okay the first week, because the workouts were not that intense.  That, however, changed the following week.  We had practice from three till six every day after school.  Two hours in the water and the last hour on weights, dry land training and stretching.  This was fun the first few days, but the novelty wore off quickly.  I was not a varsity caliber athlete as freshmen, but was in a Varsity Program.  My coach had to remind me of this more than once in the first two months.  I had to put in the time, if I wanted to be part of the team.  A few quit and I seriously considered it, but did not because my Dad said you made a commitment, so finish the season and decide what to do next year.   Things changed at the halfway point of the season, when I got used to workouts, and was having fun going to meets.  The season ended well for me when I volunteered to swim the Individual Medley and Butterfly at the last meet.  The coach was surprised when I picked the events but we were both pleasantly surprised when he saw my Butterfly. 


That summer I swam with the local U.S. swimming club and got in great shape for the next year.  I had improved a lot from the year prior and had a decent season.  I did okay in my final two seasons as a High School Swimmer.  I was not the best, but I was above average.  Our team was one of the best programs in the State of Missouri: were runner ups three years in a row. 


I was blessed with the opportunity to swim on the College team, which was good; because the events offered were a better fit for me.  High School Swimming is all Sprint Events with the exception of one event. College is different. College has two hundred stroke events and four hundred Individual Medley along with the Sprint Events.  I turned out to be much better at longer events.  Was not the best, but I was above average.  Practice was not always fun, but I am glad I was part of the sport.


Today I officiate High School Swim Meets and participate in triathlons.  This would have never happened if I had not joined the swim team in high school!  I might have never joined the Army at my age either.  This, as well was physically challenging, but I knew I could do because of my years as a competitive swimmer.   


There are three things that made me a better human being. The most important is my relationship with the Lord.  The other two are swimming and becoming a soldier.   Looking back all three of these things happened because I made the decision to do them.  Like swimming there was a few times I wanted to quit or get thrown out of basic training?  I, however, sucked it up and got through it.  Why because I made the decision.


The factor of Decision or Procrastination applies to business: conventional to direct sales.  Hill’s book covers an analysis of twenty five thousand men and women who had experienced failure.  One of the top reasons was lack of decision.    As I say almost every week, we will have tough days in this business.  The concept is simple, but is not easy.  Are very few people that we meet that would not benefit from what we are offering as a business opportunity or customer? Some, however, will not see it.  A few will even insult or belittle you for your choice.  They may not be necessarily bad, but they will not get it. 


The few that succeed will be able to brush it off and not take it personally.  Some of these Turkeys might even come around in the future.  The few that succeed are the ones that made the decision to keep going even when the going gets tough!


We are blessed to have Mentoring For Free.  We are able to be mentored and keep the dream and vision alive.  I have learned so much in this program by folks with the knowledge and lifestyle I wish to have.


Thank you Michael and Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


James Chapter one verse numbers twelve.


Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.


Michael Simon