Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2020-12-20

Chapter 8 - Decision

Everyone here made the decision to join a company and create 
additional income from home.  We also made the decision to join 
Mentoring for Free to learn the skills we needed to succeed.

For some of us, we found out that our family and friends did not
think our endeavour was a good one and discouraged us. 

Newt Gingrich told us "If you live your life as a hostage to everybody 
else's decision, you either have to live a very narrow life, or you 
have to spend a lot of time in pain."

The pain, if we listen to others, is not knowing what to do.  Do we
listen to the friends and family or do we just go forward with our

Robert H. Schuller tells us how to not have the pain when he stated;
"Never bring the problem solving stage into the decision making 
stage. Otherwise, you surrender yourself to the problem rather 
than the solution."

Caroline Kennedy said "When you make the right decision, it doesn't 
really matter what anyone else thinks."

When we really understand this, and own it, we can then make the right
decisions about what we are going to do about our business, our personal life
and any other area in our lives.  We then become "emotionally free"
and "10 foot tall and bullet proof."

Herbert V. Prochnow tells us "There is a time when we must firmly choose 
the course which we will follow or the endless drift of events will make the 
decision for us." 

Tuula Rands