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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-12-16

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 7                           Dec.16, 2020

Organized Planning


So far, Hill has taken us through the following steps of transformation:  Desire - Imagination – Plans (definite & practical)


To guide us along, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft cautions us to love learning and love what we do.   “Be passionate and bold.  Always keep learning.  You stop doing useful things, if you don’t learn.  So the last part to me is the key, especially if you had some initial success.  It becomes even more critical that you have the learning ‘bit’ always switched on.”    

Let’s begin by searching for those who have succeeded in our business endeavor, whom we know or don’t know and want to meet or who may even have passed on.  Also search for people on a similar path who regularly meet together, such as this Mentoring For Free group we are now attending.

We must honestly inventory our own assets to offer the people in our regularly meeting group.  Start as one who adds to others rather than just expecting plans to come to us without effort, then meet in perfect harmony at least twice a week or more until our plans are perfected.

Constantly remember that “this undertaking is of major importance to you.”…  “You must have the advantage of the experience, education, native ability and imagination of other minds.”  Napoleon Hill

Next, expect temporary defeats and when they come, be flexible and willing to make changes.  Reach out to our group for ideas to overcome them and revise and regroup.  Review the major attributes of Leadership in this lesson, then steer your project toward success.


For those of us in network marketing, there is encouragement from other successful entrepreneurs.  Some of their tips for us to take courage and hold onto our belief are as follows:


Reed Hastings: Netflix Co-Founder and CEO encourages us to believe in our plan.  We may have heard the first part of this from family and friends.  “Most entrepreneurial ideas will sound crazy, stupid and uneconomic, and then they’ll turn out to be right.” 


Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines has 2 ideas that can expedite our success.


“Your employees (for us distributors) come first. And if you treat your employee’s (distributors) right, guess what? Your customers come back, and that makes your shareholders happy. Start with employees (distributors) and the rest follows from that.”


And his final advise:

        “You must be very patient, very persistent. The world isn’t going to shower gold coins on you just because you have a good idea. You’re going to have to work like crazy to bring that idea to the attention of people.”


Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for helping us bring our businesses to the attention of the people and for being that successful couple who is guiding us on our way, making us take responsibility to work and saving us from wasted efforts that they already know won’t work.

Thanks to all of you who are on the calls, share comments and  thoughts with us in lessons.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado