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Martin Hall Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-03-30


Hill draws the distinction between generalised knowledge(the sort of things we learn in school, the traditional "academic" subjects at universities) and specialised knowledge((the knowledge which is necessary to achieve a precisely defined objective, like accumulating a specific amount of money).

He criticises the US education system, both schools and universities, for pursuing the former at the expense of the latter. I can testfy to the fact that the British education systemis exactly the same, if not worse.

Specialised knowledge - initial professional training and continuing professional development- is very necessary if we are to successfully attain our obejective of creating a profitable network marketing business.

We are most fortunate to have access to a fund of specialised knowledge here at Mentoring For Free. With this excellent system we get for free the sort of training that other companies charge thousands of dollars for.

One of the reasons people fail with network marketing is that they receive very poor training from the company they're working with. Sometimes they receive hardly any trainiing at all. As Michael says in "Success in 10 Steps" they're told something like "You can now swim 200 yards, so next Tuesday you can have a go at swimming the English channel(a distance of over 20 miles  and damned cold at this time of the year!). Sometimes the training is hopelessly dated. I once worked with a company of energy resellers. Their chosen method of reaching prospects was basically knocking on doors(cold calling really), In the initial training we were told - yes, you guessed it - to make lists of our friends, family,  the butcher, the baker the candlestick maker etc and to inflict ourselves on them. We were given scripts of what to say to customers.  I tried this for a few weeks. People were generally OK, though I did get one or two doors slammed in my face. The trouble was, nobody wanted anything. My mentor came up from somewhere near Reading and went out with me . She said that I was doing everything right. My only question was "How come I'm not making any money?"

Well, thanks to Mentoring For Free, I can now answer that question. The company's methods came out of the Ark. The training was, well, a case of the blind leading the blind.

Fortunately I'm no longer in that position. I'm now receiving the correct training, the correct specialised knowledge that will enable me to set up a network marketing business that will, in time, provide me with wealth. I thank Michael, Linda, my mentor Tuula and all my colleagues here for this great opportunity.


Martin Hall      Stourbridge      United Kingdom