Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-12-16

Is your plan following the Pareto Principle or not? For those of you who do not know what it is. It is 20% of the effort which brings in 80% of Results. Catch a hint from the preface of Tom Big Al Schrieters book How To Build Your Network Marketing Business In 15 minutes a Day. It tells you that clearly.

Every company makes room for the person who knows where he goes and has a PLAN to accomplish his GOAL. Just like the world makes room for the person with the plan and who ACTS on it. 

Followers must wait for the next 🚗 to come. Because to know and not to do is the same as NOT to know.

Big Al mentioned in his book First Sentences that if you procrastinate, are unable to do things or are unwilling to do it. Then you may as well not do it at all.

Enthusiasm and Confidence is contagious. And people notice it and can read your thoughts. If the fact of life that a dog knows when his master has a lack of courage so do people. Duh!

And remember the longer you wait to put your plan into action your enthusiasm will decrease and your fear will increase. Indecision and doubt equals fear!

Michael Dlouhy author of the book who is well to do financially once said "Linda and I don't have to be here monetarily." He first read this book Think And Grow Rich in 1979. This book was written in 1929 50 years prior.

Wake and smell the coffee and go to work!!! If you aint sure about that then go listen to Alicia Keys National Anthem this Girls On Fiyah. That will get you to hit the beat once you sit in the drivers seat! 

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Plan, Do, Review and Adjust. And repeat!! Jeff Olson the Slight Edge!!