Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-12-16



We have covered in the six weeks the power of thought, desire, faith, autosuggestion, and imagination.  These are necessary in the quest towards wealth and financial freedom. Now you have to have a plan to get there.   This plan has to be organized and well thought out.


A few weeks ago we discussed the importance of specialized knowledge and one may not know everything personally in order to bring their endeavor that creates monetary success.  All great fortunes of the past, present, and future did not materialize out of the fruits of one individual’s labor.  More than one human was involved. 


There are two types of people in the world: followers and leaders.  There is nothing wrong with being a follower and most great leaders were at one time followers. They followed successful individuals who were in a position, which they desired.  A follower who desires to become a leader needs to be an intelligent follower and learn as much as possible and in turn become a great leader.  


There are a number of attributes that are required to be a successful leader.   Here are a few of the attributes which Hill covers that stick out to me.  First is Unwavering Courage. The leader must have faith and confidence in their idea and themselves and they will succeed.  Otherwise no one will follow you.   

Next is self control and composure.   If the individual cannot remain composed under stressful and challenging situations, there is no way they will be able to lead others. 


The leader needs to be able to make a decision and stick to this route. If the person is not confident and waffles back and forth will not be an effective leader. 


The leader must be able to assume full responsibility for mistakes and shortcomings of their followers.  If they push this responsibility of on their followers, they will not be considered good leaders and may lose their leadership role. 


An example is a head football Coach of a large Collegiate or NFL Team.   Many are paid a good salary, with performance bonuses, and other perks.  In turn they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders.  In most cases they choose their players, coaching staff, plays, practice routines, and team policy.  They have the power, authority, and are paid well.  In turn they are expected to perform with a winning program.  They probably will be relieved of their duties if this does not happen within a reasonable period of time.  Things do not always go as planned or hope for in games and teams will experience defeat.  Even the best programs around have lousy streaks and of games.   An effective coach with good leadership will take responsibility when these situations arise. 


Nick Saban of Alabama s one of the most successful College Football Coaches of today and history of the game.  Alabama is always in the upper crust of Division one Football. I cannot recall how many national championships they have won under his tenure, but the number is impressive. 


Last season, however, was a down season in Alabama standards anyway.  Last year they lost two games and did not compete for the BCS Championship. Saban appeared to keep his composure on the sidelines and drove on.  This season they are currently undefeated and ranked number one.  I would not be surprised to see them with another BCS Championship in the next month or so.  Saban has high expectations of his players and the teams performance.  I have seen him get heated with some of his players, which many coaches do. I, however, have never seen him blame one of his players or assistant coaches in a post game interview.  Along with the programs reputation and winning tradition, this is one of the reasons he usually recruits the best talent and effective coaching staff. 



Successful Business Owners and CEOs are responsible for what their teams produce.  I cannot recall anytime which I have heard one blame one of their employees, weather, supplier or anything else, which might have an impact on the success of their business.  Never.  That is one of the reasons why successful companies hold on to most of their talented employees. 


To get through those tough times we need to keep our minds sharp, positive, and in focus.  Mentoring For Free is the Place to be.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dloughy for being a mentor and example to us.  Thank  you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls. 



Proverbs Twenty One verse number five.



“The Plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.”


Michael Simon