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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-12-09



We can create almost anything we can imagine.  Through out History all history making changes have concluded from imagination. The light bulb by Edison, Radio by Marconi, and home computer by Steve Jobs, were all history making changes.   Why, because they all saw a need and had an imagination. 


Imagination comes in two forms: Synthetic and Creative Imagination.  Synthetic is when old concepts and plans are arranged in new combinations.  An analogy is a recipe.  For example I make a large batch of Cheese Grits Every Holiday Season.  Like every dish, there are multiple recipes, and Cheese Grits is no different.  The first year I made a helping of two different recipe combinations. Both were fine, but were not the unique taste that my Grandma made.  Therefore I dabbled with the ingredients a few times before creating the perfect one, for my taste buds anyway.  My wife and family like it, so it was a success.    


I believe it is safe to say that Edison used his synthetic imagination when developing the light bulb.  His idea came from existing concepts, which he used in different combinations.  Edison went through quite a few combinations, more like ten thousand!


I, as well believe it is safe to say that Edison used his Creative Imagination in this mission.  According to Hill, creative imagination is the faculty through which hunches and inspirations are received.  It is the faculty where all basic are new ideas are developed.  Edison had an idea, which revolutionized the way we use lighting in our homes, houses of worship, shops, and almost any enclosed structure.  The Candle and lantern industry probably began to shrink like the printing industry is currently.  Both are still around, but not quite as much demand. 


One of my favorite examples where imagination was part of a revolutionary concept is The Enchanted Kettle.  An old country Doctor visited a drug store and visited with a clerk. He sold a large Kettle with a wooden paddle, and a secret formula for five hundred dollars, which was quite a bit of many for this time.  The Doctor was happy to sell in order to pay of his debts and get a piece of mind. The clerk took a huge risk of his savings, but went forward.  Out of transaction came one of the largest conglomerates in history and still one of the biggest household names today.  Millions of Jobs have come as a result within the company and through suppliers, marketers, advertisers, and the list goes on.  Coca Cola annually does around thirty seven million dollars in revenue.  There are very few people in the world that have not heard of Coca Cola. 


Each one of these world-changing ideas came from imagination. 


According to Hill, both synthetic and creative imagination develops with use.  In other words you must practice and condition your self.  Just like I have to train for triathlons in order to have the strength, endurance, and mental toughness to be successful, we have to practice our imagination. 

One has to practice using their imagination.  Just as imagining myself crossing the line in my quest to becoming an Ironman, I imagine myself being on stage and talking about my journey in network marketing.  Adapting and overcoming the obstacles, which we all face in life and becoming successful in a business that almost everyone has the ability to succeed in, but unfortunately few will.  Not because they could not, but they did not believe in themselves and never imagined their success.  You have to see it, before it becomes a reality! 


As I cover almost weekly that we all will have challenges and obstacles that the curveballs of life bring us.  It is not difficult to get down and out. Today, this unfortunately seems to become a Norm of our society.  The person with the deep pockets is there because they inherited it, is crooks, or got lucky.  Hard work, desire, determination, and imagination have nothing to do it.    I can safely say that more than a few would say Donald Trump is a by-product of all three reasons why he got where he is.   This reasoning is sad and pathetic.


We need to keep our minds on the positive versus negative forces of the world.  Just like practicing and fine-tuning our imagination we need continue to feed our minds with positive material and be around positive individuals as much as possible. Be around folks that lift you up and support your growth, not tear you down.


Mentoring for Free is the perfect place for this.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


Philippians Chapter four verses number thirteen, “ I can do all things which strengthens me.”


Michael Simon